Monday 20 October 2014

Successful re-structures as part of a transformation

Peter R. Scholtes was a genius - he certainly knew his stuff, but just as importantly, he was clever enough to make it easy for everyone else to understand.

One of his books, The Leader's Handbook, would have the title: "The Complete and Practical Lean and Systems Thinking Workshop Manual (for Dummies)” if it were published today!

I use one of his models explained in the book all the time, and keep referring my clients to it - to three clients in the last three weeks alone - From Purpose to People:

How many times have you seen the announcement come through “We’re having a restructure!”, and then asked why?  Or seen restructures heralded as the solution, which months later seem to have had little impact.

It starts with purpose - it always does with Deming's thinking - then examines how best to deliver the service against demand.

The physical restructure of an organisation is 6th out of 7 in the list - there’s plenty of steps required beforehand if you really want to make transformation stick - and how often are these done first?

From Peter R. Schultes: The Leader’s Handbook

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