Saturday 3 October 2015

Working with MadAbout

I regularly work with colleagues at MadAbout - people I’ve known for over 15 years(!).

Our collaboration brings together a focus on:
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis, and
  • End-to-end system/process view using Lean and Systems Thinking techniques.
It’s a match made in heaven - ticking all the boxes in the wider Socio-Technicial Systems Design approach to transformation - it’s worth a google.

As is often the way, we turn to three key models for analysis, review and solution building:
  • "Purpose to People” - see previous blog for the model
  • Understanding Behaviours - guiding the whole team towards "what good looks like”. (See my next blog soon)
  • Service By Design - designing the ideal customer experience - from first contact, understanding client need, to problem resolution right-first-time.
It’s a great framework covering:
  • The technical details of the whole end-to-end process for the service
  • The behaviours of the teams undertaking the work (remembering Deming’s view)
  • How the whole organisation works together to ensure the service is delivered to 000’s of customers
  • The people and behavioural aspects of the management team
The result is a rich picture of how the organisation is performing, revealing insights into what’s really happening, and leading to an array of solutions - from quick wins to long-term strategies.

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