Thursday 11 April 2019

Take your customer's view

I came across this picture a while ago.  It’s a bit of fun, but a good reminder to always take your customers’ perspective - what’s it really like to interact with your own service?

So, the question for the picture above, what number space has the car parked in?

I’ve seen some great examples over the years:

  • incorrect telephone (IVR) paths that don’t work, where no-one had tested it…
  • continually chasing customers for bill payment, where the bills were continually full of errors…
  • customer services teams focusing on customer complaints, rather than what is actually causing the complaints in the first place…

If you really want to find out how good your service is, go and be a customer.  Shadow some customers through your service and see what they experience.

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Oh, the answer : 87

Just turn the screen around ;-)

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