Matthew Arnold

Rapid diagnosis and sustainable results that last.
Hands-on end-to-end operational review of people and process.
Specialist in service sector and utilities.

My passion is in working with you to build a people and process solution that helps you do what you do best – run your business.  

I find solving process-flow issues in contact centres or service systems just like solving the Rubik’s Cube – unless you have the solution formula, most actions are random and often take you further away from the solution.

In businesses, this often looks like fire-fighting and problem solving rather than preventing problems in the first place. 

As a specialist in large-scale end-to-end people processes, I’m known for helping businesses make £millions in savings, efficiencies and growth.

Does it feel like your service is in decline, with backlogs forming, increasing customer complaints, and teams struggling to get on top of things?

If this sounds like you or you can see this coming, it’s time to talk, call me now: 07775 595595

Like the Rubik’s Cube,  I always know the solution is there just by putting the right steps in place.

Why me?
  • My success comes from your success, that’s why I love what I do.
  • I will bring my experience with successful systems to your business.
  • I love seeing the people I work with grow as a team.

I'm interested in hearing from and working with businesses who:
  • Want to continue growing and increasing profits.
  • Don't want to keep doing the same things over and over again.
  • Need expert no-nonsense support and guidance.
  • Are ready to out-innovative their competition.

  • Systems Thinking.
  • Lean in the service industry.
  • Service transformation.

Read to talk?

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